Living by your conviction.

Life is not a bed of roses they say,How truth is this old saying,but before poundering over this may i ask if you would permit me, have you ever been at the garden of roses before?rather have you seen a rose flower before?however, whatever life is not so, The way to success is like life it is never rosey,the road to a brighter future is not a bed of roses, Even those we believe was born with golden or silver spoon if any, has there on share of the experience of life one time or the other,has life cause you regreats on your way to success?Remember you only live once, LIVE BY YOUR CONVICTIONS,everyday continue to do that, in so doing you will have few regreats, live a life of intergrity, thinking regularly about your values and letting them soak in ,dont let the grief hurnts aches and the breaking experience of life control your future deciesions ,ask strenght from the source of strenght ,for you to be incharge of your life ,let faith be in control of every decisions make and every action you take, let posetive possebilites set your goals ,set your attitude  to re
main posetive and set yourself to be in control possition,Remember there will never be another now,make the most of now, There may be a lot to do of which most of them cannot be done now,I have a suggestion for you incase you are about to park out,There is something that is a single biggest diffrence between those that persever and those who give up, there is something that arouses your mind to explore every possibility and every single angle it is what makes couple say i do without any grantee ,after every broken promises pick up the pieces and try again knowing that it would be better again,THAT THING IS HOPE,have hope,hope is a powerful force it enable you to over come the daunting obstacle it is abusolutley essential to the life God wants you to live ,it is why composers agonise over a score and artist over a canvas believing the glimmer of beauty will emerge from the struggle,hope is what made Abraham to live home without knowing where he was going,and where God was taken him to ,it made paul to challenge the power of Rome,hope is not blind optimitisim but faith focus having hope will give you courage, you can survive the lost of many things in life but you cant survive the lost of hope pick up the pieces of it any where it is lingering around you NOW.,,and count the number of basket of it you can gather,you can gather from what you have tried and fail ,or from the bad promises you have recieved, or failed, experience you have got ,or from the lost of business,
even you can gather experience from lost of job or from the lost of love one, In which ever way HOPE is the key,Always remember the word from the “HOLY BOOK,Now unto him that is able to do exceding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.”

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