i was with a friend in his house a week  ago, his son

was busy reading, a young boy came in to inform him

about a particular football match that will be shown

at the viewing center near-by,the boy replied i don’t think

i will continue wasting my time and energy any longer, for

the support of any team any more because, my class

teacher made a statement that make me to know that

i am on my own,what did she say, well her word is not

for someone like you who is in the private school, My class

teacher said the reason why most of us come to public school ,

is out of choice, it is simply because our parents are poor and ,

could not afford to send us to private school,so for that, reading and

studying is a choice we have to make, she concluded that nobody,

cares.Do you have this experience?private school and public school

which do you prefer and why.

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